Thanks For Helping Think Feed It Forward

As we’ve said before, it’s always been part of our mission to use our resources to help the community as much as we can. And with all our past volunteer efforts and our love for Orlando, we were quick to help Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida (SHFBCF) and our good friends at Sodexo, put food on the table for those people going hungry or struggling in this poor state of the economy.

With help from Think Creative’s own Feeding It Forward efforts. Sodexo Servathon collected 53,224 items to give to those in need in our Central Florida community. And the Altamonte Springs office surpassed their own goal by 2262%. What an incredible outcome! We couldn’t have been more proud and happy to say we were a part of this successful effort.

But, it’s not just about us! We wanted to give a shout out to all our clients, colleagues and friends that also pitched in, including the Institute of Financial Operations, the Institute of Internal Auditors, International Press, and even a few anonymous angels who dropped off a box of food without leaving so much as a name. By coming together, we were able to make a difference in the lives of so many people and families.

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